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PRUCRIZ PROPERTY AND INVESTMENT LIMITED is a wholly indigenous new generation Real Estate and construction company with special focus on Housing Delivery. It is made up of highly experienced young professionals whose aim is to provide quality and environmentally friendly programmes and projects.

PRUCRIZ PROPERTY AND INVESTMENT LIMITED strives to render services at modest cost without compromising quality. A good corporate citizen within its shortest existence, Prucriz Property and Investment Limited is committed to a culture of excellence in all its activities. Hence, it tries to be above board in its relationship with employees, clients, competitors and the general public.

Prucriz aims at steady growth through loyal customer base, long lasting and repeated business relationships by serving clients needs and delivering on promises and commitments. These ethos or values are achieved on the back of a dedicated, efficient and responsible workforce. The company does not take this for granted and as such has set clear policies on these matters.


The organizational structure of Prucriz Property & Investment Ltd is not only tall but also very ambitious. Management however, has succeeded in molding a closely knitted, efficient cutting edge outfit out of this. The employees are highly motivated through financial and corporate incentives, thus enhancing optimum performance and industrial harmony. This goes a long way in helping us achieve our philosophy of “integrity, concern for quality service to clients through teamwork, partnering a strong sense of purpose and commitment to getting it right the first time”. At Prucriz a contemporary management approach is adopted and the emphasis is on teamwork for efficient results. The team leaders constitute the Board of Directors and serve as focal points for the activities of the company.


In Prucriz, clients are referred to as “respected friends”. This philosophy, integrity and concern for quality service to clients through teamwork and partnering a strong sense of purpose and commitment to getting it right the first time remains our focus.
Prucriz hopes to be a leader within the shortest possible time in the areas of its distinctive competencies. Its affirmative action programmes rooted in social responsibility and fair play are bound to become models for the Real Estate/Construction Industry and will definitely put Prucriz in the “number one” spot. Today, Prucriz is a small company around probably unknown in Nigeria but our presence will prove our mission in real estate development sooner than expected.


PRUCRIZ PROPERTY & INVESTMENT LTD has been involved in the development of properties in Lagos which include:
Two (2) storey building shopping complex along Oshodi road, Oshodi, comprising 52 shops/offices.
Two (2) storey building shopping complex alongBanjoko Street, Oshodi, housing 32 shops and warehouses.
Two (2) storey building, shopping complex and warehouse along Banjoko Street, Oshodi also housing 24 shops and warehouses.
Two (2) storey building comprising 24 shops and warehouse along Brown street, Oshodi Lagos.


Presently, PRUCRIZ PROPERTY &INVESTMENT LTD, as a company is the developer of Goshen Garden City Benin, an estate sitting on an expanse of land measuring about 30 hectares.


Prucriz is a leading edge, New Generation developer/construction outfit professionally disposed to clientele in her areas of distinctive competencies, which form her core functional activities. Complex challenging environmental and basic construction/Engineering services regardless of size or Naira worth and to render first class services in the area of building/development.

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